Limited Editions

Limited Edition Prints

What makes my reproductions different?

All Ronnie Griffon giclées are produced using an exclusive image capture system and top of the line printing technology. Every artwork image captured below produces beautiful reproductions in large custom sizes, dimension, and 3D looking texture with unparalleled image fidelity and can be enlarged to any size imaginable with minimal to no loss of resolution.

  • All images are printed on the highest museum quality media such as canvas, acrylic, metal or paper.
  • Limited editions are numbered 1 to 150 (edition size may vary from time to time depending on artist specifications) for each size and/or media. The edition closes after the last print is made. No more will ever be printed after the edition is sold out.
  • Our high quality raw materials and production made and assembled in USA.

What is a giclée print?

pronounced - zhee · klei

A giclée is a clone like reproduction of an original work of art using the ink jet print process. We produce all artist giclées in a limited edition. Once the last of the edition series has been printed, no more can be produced. Artistic Transfer offers giclées printed on paper, canvas, acrylic, and metal and each giclée comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Certificate of Authenticity

Each limited edition print comes with an official certificate to create value and document provenance. COA is printed on high quality acid-free parchment paper with details including:

  • Artist's name
  • Artwork title
  • Date printed
  • Edition number
  • Number of prints to be made
  • Material type and production description
  • Signatures from both artist and publisher
  • Gold embossed seal by my publisher, Artistic Transfer, LLC

Print Media Types

We encourage our buyers to order custom sizes at no additional charge as this is our special personalized service incentive to tailor fit giclées (limited edition prints) to fill the perfect will size.

Various finishes offered on all print medias below (except acrylic):

Matte | Gloss | Satin | Metallic

Canvas is the Classic Choice for giclées.

Giclées are stretched with top quality non-warp stretcher bars with lab tested high longevity canvases rated at over 100 years for maximum aging resistance. More large custom sizes are offered in this print media. Canvas is the only print media that the Artist can hand embellish to add texture and increase value if the original is out of budget or unavailable.

Stretcher thickness: ¾" | 1.5" | 2"

Acrylic is the Ultra-Elegant Choice to impress.

Cast Acrylic is used for it's impeccable optical properties and superior higher quality instead of the lesser expensive option - extruded acrylic, to render the best clarity or greater thermal stability. Cast acrylic are more valuable media because its much stronger and more durable than any type of glass or plastic.

Size thickness: ¼" | ⅜" | 1"
Standoffs available in different colors/finishes.

Metal is the Superior Choice for longevity and durability.

Aluminum prints are indestructible, water proof, UV protected with premium quality and stunning luminosity, vibrant colors, detail, depth, and durability. Metal giclées can be mounted outside and can withstand weather elements (direct sunlight not recommended).
Resistant against scratches, chemicals, and more!
A fantastic choice especially for hospitals and medical offices.


Paper is the Economical Choice to supplement more framing style options.

Heavy weight Fine-art paper is used for highly cost-competitive paper engineered for archivability. Discerning photographers and fine art artists who want a high-end visual impact in their reproductions enjoy the bright white surface delivering a wide color gamut and deep blacks. Optimal choice to afford more spending towards frames to accentuate the image.


Interested in original artwork?

Some originals are very near and dear, but will be available for the right price!

What if the original is unavailable or out of budget?

My "Happy Mediums" are a new coined term for hand embellishing canvas prints to add more value, greater depth, and texture on any width up to 56" or length 114"

Found the perfect style, but not the right hanging orientation, image ratio size, or color?

Special editions can be created depending on the artwork. See a square painting made into a panoramic or a horizontal painting made vertical! A red background replaced with blue or even gold paint turned into silver! Our digital imaging specialists are on hand to provide infinite options for customization to fit your every need. Designers can offer their clients something truly unique by matching colors to their exact tastes.

Want a custom art order?

  • Art Commission

  • Embellished Giclée (hand touched/textured canvas reproduction)

Framing and Hanging Options

  • You can receive 25% off your order when you order frames from Artistic Transfer, LLC. They offer over 250 custom framing styles made with real wood or poly including matting or glass options for framed paper editions or prints.
  • An extensive variety of display hanging options and suspension accessories are available for metal and acrylic editions or prints.

Click Here for Artistic Transfer, LLC Framing Corner Catalog

Wholesale buyer?

All qualified buyers such as interior designers are eligible to set up a wholesale account with my publisher, Artistic Transfer, LLC. Please contact them directly for wholesale pricing at or click here to fill out the wholesale application.