Biography: Ronnie Griffon

  • Ronnie grew up in Ohio and was the 2nd of 5 kids

  • Lived away from home at age 10 to help supplement the family income

  • Was responsible for the family milk cow, Bossie

  • 100% self taught on piano and baritone

  • Excelled on clarinet & tried out for the symphony at 17

  • Graduated from Kent State University in 1972

  • Was at Kent State during the May 1970 riots

  • Performed in the KSU Circus on trapeze & cloud swing

  • F/A with AA in the 1970’s

  • Masters of Science from Troy University, Troy, Alabama

  • Taught Kindergarten & college instructor

  • Have been to 6 of 7 continents

  • 15 missions trips: Zambia, Kenya, Guatemala, New Zealand and 11 trips

    to Brazil in the Amazon River Territories

  • Through The Lord, began a haircutting ministry in the Amazon.....

  • NO formal training (the ministry is in full gear to this day)

  • Have cut nearly 1,300 heads of hair in the Amazon

  • Have gone alligator hunting in the Amazon

  • Seriously close encounter (within an inch) with a Black Mamba in Kenya

  • Served on a team with “Hug It Forward” building a “Bottle School” in Guatemala (check it out on YouTube)

  • Member of the “Tog & Towel Society” in New Zealand (swim in the ocean when the air temperature is below freezing)

  • Hero: saved the life of a woman in San Fransisco from getting run over by a downhill trolley car; a young passenger was passing out & gave him oxygen (he had Sickle Cell Anemia); a 225 lb. panicking man in the deep end of a swimming pool (he only spoke Italian); a 76 year old woman who lost consciousness choking on food.....no pulse.....performed CPR and brought her to her feet

  • No children, but had a small parrot, Dexter, who lived to be nearly 28 years old; Kitties: Jingles & Clyde (both deceased), Buddy & Charlie

  • Married to Bob; lives in Carrollton, TX

  • Began painting at 30 years old

  • Introduced to Fluid Art in 2017, but only began these techniques in 2020

  • Adventuresome: Skydiving, 1,000 feet parasailing in Hawaii, swam

    open water with sharks